Seller's Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend the inspection?
Yes, anyone who would like to attend the inspection is welcome.  However, sellers frequently prefer to provide the buyers with the opportunity to look around on their own.  E-mail me if you would like me to meet you 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled inspection enabling you to give me a tour of your home and review its history.



Do you inspect for compliance with current building codes?
No, only officials from the “jurisdiction having authority” (a public agency) are authorized by the State of Nevada to interpret or enforce building codes.  If you have a question, you should check with your local building department. They understand the constant evolution of building codes and know many homes do not comply with all current codes.  Some homes in Northern Nevada were built before there were any building codes. 


What can I do to prepare my home for the inspection?
Good question, we are all hopeful the inspection will go smoothly! Here are some suggestions;

  • Verify all of the utilities are on.

  • Verify all built-in appliances are operational.  Remove items from the dishwasher and ovens.

  • Verify the furnace and air-conditioner are functioning properly.  Replace filters. Verify thermostats are operational.

  • Verify all switches and lights are operational.  Install new light bulbs where necessary.

  • Verify all plumbing fixtures are functioning properly.  Check caulking around fixtures, shower doors, etc.

  • Verify all doors and windows operate.

  • Ensure I have access to the underfloor crawlspace and attic.

  • Secure your pets in a comfortable location where they won’t be disturbed or interfere with the inspection.