Acclaimed Inspection Services provides their clients and real estate professionals with descriptive reports in a timely manner.   Acclaimed’s clients use the comprehensive report, along with other information gathered during their due diligence investigation, to make real estate decisions with confidence.

When you hire Acclaimed Inspection Services, your inspection will be conducted and report prepared by Kent Sweet, the president.  This important task is not delegated to subordinates. Inspections are conducted in substantial compliance with Nevada regulations NAC 645D.450 – 580.


Kent with Anita, Austin, Kerry & Madeline

Kent’s reports are thorough and easy to read.  Significant comments are illustrated with color photographs for clarity. Kent encourages his clients to attend inspections and is always available to respond to questions and comments after the report is delivered.


Kent has over 30 years experience as a licensed general building contractor.  Kent has built production homes, custom homes and regional class luxury homes in several western states.  Kent has built a variety of commercial projects ranging from retail to aviation fuel systems.  He is familiar with the components and systems of the structures he inspects.  Solutions are as evident as problems to Kent. 


Kent is also a veteran and commercial pilot. While on active duty Kent held a top secret security clearance while assigned to the Presidential Honor Guard.  His duties included assignments at the White House, Capital and Pentagon.

Kent brings discipline, integrity and experience to the inspection process.  All reports are confidential unless otherwise directed by the client.

Contact Kent today to schedule your inspection.  (775) 848-2000  E-Mail Kent